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Yes.....I'm addicted.

Jan 17 2019 Addicted Dressage equestrian regenade riding

Sometimes you have one of those rides where it just all comes together.  You are totally in the moment.  Work is forgotten, the bickering of the kids, the email you didn't get to send, the piece of work not quite complete.  It all melts away as you feel each stride, the swing of his back, the soft clouds of his breath. Today was one of those rides. This is why we are addicted to horses.

Why Renegade?

Nov 10 2018 equestrian news regenade store T-shirts

Calling all renegades..... Welcome to my boutique store to help you express who you are.  Funky, fresh and sweet designs so you can express your renegade side in and out of the saddle. Every item has been personally chosen by me and all clothes are supplied and printed in the UK. I set up this online shop to help build a future for my family.  As a result we deliver you a personal service.  If you have any questions just drop us a line at and we will be happy to answer your questions. Have a wonderful day! Emma