Eleven weeks and counting

Eleven weeks and counting

Jan 10 2019 equestrian mud news riding spring winter

In the UK right now every equestrian will be counting down to those lighter nights when it just seems so much easier to juggle horses with all your other commitments.

The long dark days of January seem to go on forever.  Sometimes by the time you knock all the mud off, detangle the dreadlocks in your horse's tail it's getting too gloomy to ride.

But you know what?  Your horse won't mind...he (or she) is happy to just be with you. Leaning into every stroke of the brush and giving you a push with a soft muzzle is that haynet doesn't come quite quick enough.

So if you are feeling like you are not doing enough, just be kind to yourself.  remeber that bonding and connecting is just as important as drilling out those transitions and just......breathe.

There is always another day Renegades. 

Happy New Year......and may your boots never get stuck in a muddy gateway.