Who was your first horse hero?

Jan 27 2019 ears horse hero riding

I thought I would start to write about the wonderful horses that have influenced me and that I have been lucky enough to learn from. The first has to be Champion. Yup the wonder horse. Played on repeat on Saturday mornings I think this wild stallion who was both mighty and meek for his young rider Ricky had me enthralled. You are thinking blimey she is old! But this black and white show was so good it was being shown in the UK in the 80s and, much to my joy seemed to be on repeat during the school holidays....

Yes.....I'm addicted.

Jan 17 2019 Addicted Dressage equestrian regenade riding

Sometimes you have one of those rides where it just all comes together.  You are totally in the moment.  Work is forgotten, the bickering of the kids, the email you didn't get to send, the piece of work not quite complete.  It all melts away as you feel each stride, the swing of his back, the soft clouds of his breath. Today was one of those rides. This is why we are addicted to horses.

Eleven weeks and counting

Jan 10 2019 equestrian mud news riding spring winter

In the UK right now every equestrian will be counting down to those lighter nights when it just seems so much easier to juggle horses with all your other commitments. The long dark days of January seem to go on forever.  Sometimes by the time you knock all the mud off, detangle the dreadlocks in your horse's tail it's getting too gloomy to ride. But you know what?  Your horse won't mind...he (or she) is happy to just be with you. Leaning into every stroke of the brush and giving you a push with a soft muzzle is that haynet...

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